All pedophiles are trash, no exceptions. There is no “Kink-shaming” about it. Protect survivors at all costs.

Pedophilia is not a fucking kink. A kink is like when someone likes to suck on toes or some shit. Or get bound. Or eat food off their partner. ALL of these things with consenting adults only. But being sexually attracted to children is not a fucking kink. It’s a crime.

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Tumblr is kind of like Friends except everyone is Chandler.










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we joke about procrastination but nothing is worse than the nauseating feeling of having every intention of doing something but physically not being capable of doing it and then feeling like you want to throw up because the deadline is just getting closer and closer.

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A great addition to your garden or back yard. - Bee watering station. 
Bees need water just like we do but often times drown in open water. To make a bee watering station you can either do what is shown in the photo above and fill the bowl of a dog/cat watering jug with stones or you can fill a small dish with marbles and add water to that. That way the bees have something to land on!

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No fuck bees kill them all

Kill all bees huh? Bees are responsible for pollinating around 80% of agriculture. Bees die, you die. Do research and get over your fears.

bees are so important save the bees

Bees are pretty awesome. I won’t defend yellowjackets, mind.

yellowjackets, i will set on fire. they eat meat and garbage. technically they help by eating crop pests, but they’re so aggressive towards humans and pets that it’s dangerous NOT to kill them when you find a nest near your house.
bees are absolute darlings and essential to human life as well as the environment. they pollinate fruit and vegetables. they make honey — they make more honey than they need, so beekeepers can harvest it without hurting them, it’s like they WANT to share. they can only sting once, it kills them, so they’re very reluctant to do so, and usually you can let them walk on your hands and when you want them to leave just gently blow on them and they’ll go. bees are nothing to be afraid of unless you’re deathly allergic.
you can tell the difference by the presence or absence of fur. if it’s fuzzy, it’s a friend.
bees are fuzzy and they are our friends, help and protect them.
wasps/hornets/yellowjackets are shiny and they hate us, don’t let them nest near your home.
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how many times do i have to reblog you before you notice i wanna talk to you

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